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About Shelley

I first came to Sonoma County 15 years ago joining a bike touring company on a ride through wine country.  I knew nothing about wine tasting or wine clubs, yet I knew I loved riding my bike through gorgeous country, and sipping yummy wine was a lovely extra added treat.  One beautiful sunny day (oh, they're all sunny here!), I took a spin to a picturesque winery at the top of a hill.  As I stood out on their deck tasting a cold, crisp, dry white and looking out at amazing views of hillside vineyards, my words to the tasting room attendant were, "YES, I want to join your wine club, and by the way, someday I am going to live here!".  15 years later, my dream has become a reality.


After a 30+ year career in residential real estate sales, I needed a major change in my  life. Over the years as I would become more and more stressed about the world of real estate, my joke was " I'm giving it all up and moving to Healdsburg and opening a yoga shop."  After a while I started to think that maybe my joke should be a reality.  I grew up in a retail family, so it is pretty much in my blood.  One of my biggest complaints about selling real estate was that after more than 30 years I wasn't learning anything new.  Well, getting this store together l learn new things at every turn.  And I love that!


Athleisure wear is everywhere today.  Women are looking for comfortable clothing without giving up style.  That is what you will find at Twisst; clothes that function well for your yoga or pilates class or gym work out. Then throw on that perfect extra piece and 'bingo' you are ready to head off to the office.  Dinner after class?  No problem, we have beautiful dusters, tunics & wraps to throw over.  Flying?  Who doesn't want stretchy, comfy clothes?  


At Twisst we seek out small brands that are made of top quality materials, clothes that are highly functional and always have an eye towards fashion.  We care about the integrity of the brands that we carry.  We choose to support those brands whose values are in line with the things that we care so deeply about; the use of fabrics made from recycled products or sustainably farmed natural fibers, ethical treatment of employees, and giving back to one's community.